YakBot Messenger CheckBox Plugin
How to Create a YakBot CheckBox Plugin

The messenger engagement section has four tools available to assist you in building and recruiting users. The first tool is the Checkbox Plugin. By including the checkbox plugin in forms or on your website, you will allow people to opt-in to receive messages from you in Messenger.  This is useful for providing follow-ups such as confirmations

YakBot Messenger Bot Settings
YakBot Messenger Bot Settings

Messenger Bot Settings is where you will be able to set up your messenger bot for your pages. The bot can reply with images, text, post back button, carousel template, quick reply, video, template & so on. Setting up your messenger bot with YakBot will allow your page will reply to all your customers in

How to Start Building Your Messenger ChatBot
How to Start Building Your YakBot Messenger ChatBot

Pat yourself on the back. You’ve taken the first step to start building meaningful relationships with your clients by choosing to use YakBot. In the digital space, there are multiple ways to communicate with your customers, and using Chat Marketing is one of the most practical ways to build a trusting relationship.  So, where do

YakBot Messenger Bot

Click on Bot Messenger on the left menu. Now click on the Actions button under Bot settings. The first tab is the Bot Reply settings tab. This is where you set up your auto reply responses, import & export templates etc. The next tab is the Get Started settings. Here is where you setup your

Getting Started with YakBot

When you register your YakBot account and login for the first time you should be taken to your user dashboard. On the left menu you will see an Import Account button. Click Import Account. When the page is loaded click on the Login with Facebook button. Once you have logged in successfully with Facebook you

Build A WooCommerce Abandoned Cart ChatBot Plugin
How To Build A WooCommerce Abandoned Cart ChatBot Plugin

Login to your YakBot account and got to messenger bot by clicking the link in the sidebar. When the page is fully loaded, scroll down until you see Woocommerce Abandoned Cart and click on the action arrow. From this page, click on the create plugin button to get started. On the next page, you will

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